About Sabrina

Sabrina Zeif is a culinary personality and owner of Kitchen Thyme Ltd based in Shropshire. Born in Trinidad, Sabrina’s Caribbean roots sparked her love for flavourful international food. Trinidadian heritage is mixed, embracing a fiery fusion of Indian, Chinese, African, Portuguese, Spanish, British, Middle Eastern, South American and Creole cultures and cuisines. Her passion continued to fuel whilst living in America, particularly in New Orleans, where she became connoisseur of the local Cajun style of cooking. Sabrina has also lived in San Francisco, Texas, Switzerland and the UK, and is passionate about bringing the best of global cuisine together.

Sabrina has a German husband and daughter Sonia (born in New Orleans who lives in London). Her mother, father, brother and sister are all in Trinidad.

She loves experimenting in the kitchen and creating new recipes . Her passion is mixing the best of different cuisines to create innovative, flavourful fusions that are all cooked from fresh.

In the past year Sabrina has conducted demos, supper clubs, culinary, cultural & inspirational talks and has featured on BBC Radio Shropshire alongside Nigella Lawson. She’s had the honour of filming her own series with Peter Sidwell on Simply Good Food TV. Shropshire has been her family home for the past 14 years.


If you want to savour some of Sabrina’s amazing dishes and enjoy a taste of the Caribbean in the heart of Shropshire you can!